EV Batttery Recycle Summit Europe


Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt


Europe aims to lead the battery industry by reducing dependence on third countries for raw materials. While no European countries are major producers of essential battery minerals, Europe is actively developing its own extraction capabilities. To achieve sustainability, a robust industry across the value chain, including recycling, is crucial. With increased demand expected, competition for materials will rise. Currently, 65% of battery costs depend on materials. The European Union sponsors projects to enhance recycling and reduce supply chain dependencies. Join us at the EV Battery Recycle Summit 2024 in Frankfurt- Germany to shape the future of battery recycling and contribute to a greener energy landscape. Visit our website for registration details and early bird discounts


  • Global and regional recycle market outlook;
  • Development of the European recycling regulatory framework;
  • Government policies and regulations;
  • Sustainability, recycling and circularity of raw materials in the battery industry;
  • Recycling infrastructure developments and market perspectives;
  • Europe at the forefront of the e-mobility transformation;
  • Innovation, cutting-edge technologies in battery, materials, cell design, manufacturing and recycling;
  • Opportunities for suppliers in the Europe and regional battery recycling value chain

Speaker Benefits

  • Presenting your organization’s work on a global stage
  • Discussing and overcoming issues in the field
  • Networking with key players from the sector
  • Learning from other speakers
  • Chairing at conference
  • Leading a workshop or masterclass

Event Benefits

Industry insights

EV battery recycle summit provide a platform for industry professionals and experts to share their knowledge and insights, fostering innovation and growth in the sector.

Market intelligence

Attendees can gain a better understanding of the market dynamics, consumer trends, and future growth opportunities in the EV battery recycling industry.

Networking opportunities

This event provide a platform for attendees to connect and collaborate with industry peers, potential customers, and partners.

Product showcase

Companies can showcase their products, services and solutions to a captive audience of interested buyers and decision-makers, leading to increased sales and ROI.

Sponor Opportunities Available

We offer a tailored sponsorship or exhibitor package providing a cost-effective path to helping you get your message out to existing or new target clients.

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