About the Event

EV Battery Recycle Summit 2024  is a premier gathering for professionals and experts in the electric vehicle and battery recycling industries. This annual event features informative panels, engaging presentations, and exciting networking opportunities. Attendees have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in EV battery recycling. They can connect with leading industry experts, discuss challenges and opportunities, and collaborate on new solutions. Join us at the EV Battery Recycling Tech Event and be part of shaping the future of sustainable mobility.

Who Should Attend?

The invitation for an EV battery recycling tech event can be sent to individuals or organizations who are involved in or interested in the fields of electric vehicles, battery technology, and recycling. This could include:

  • Chief Engineers – BEVs
  • Chief Scientists – Energy and Systems
  • CEOs, VPs and Senior Managers at OEMs
  • Head of Research, Materials and Manufacturing
  • R&D Engineers – Thermal Management
  • Lead Engineers, Electrified Powertrains
  • Battery Research and Systems Engineers
  • Technical and Innovation Managers
  • Group Product Directors for Hybrid and Electric Systems
  • Heads of Vehicle Architecture
  • Senior Managers for Thermal & Manufacturing Solutions
  • Project Leads – Electrification
  • Heads of Charging Infrastructure
  • Technical Leads – Energy Storage and Systems


  • Environmental impact: The production of EV batteries has an environmental impact, and recycling can help reduce this impact. Recycling can help avoid the ecological footprint of batteries ending up in landfills.
  • Sustainability: The notion of sustainability for battery use is still debated. Recycling and reusing batteries can help reduce the need for virgin material extraction and refining. Recycling can also help reduce the lifecycle of EVs by up to 51% 
  • Diversification of supply chains: Ensuring future growth of EVs will demand more significant efforts to diversify battery manufacturing and critical mineral supplies to reduce the risks of bottlenecks and price rises
  • Economic and environmental benefits: The echelon utilization of EV batteries and the recycling of resources can be regarded as a potential application to enhance the economic and ecological benefits
  • Increasing EV production: Manufacturing EV batteries at the necessary scale will require significantly increasing production of the batteries that power them. Recycling can help ensure the continued deployment of electric vehicles.

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